Meghedet is a bizarre world of strange rock formations and endless arrangements of natural sculptures statues and monoliths that defy the known imagination. The site is located in the Fezzan, South-West Libya and is reached via the road from Sabha to Awaynat after which you need a 4WD to cross into Meghedet.

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After driving through Meghedet you will cross into Wan Ergayea’ a high area with large rock arch and sand dunes. Leaving Wan Ergayea’ you will drive for around 75 kilometres before reaching Wadi Aramet. This is a valley initially covered in coloured sand but then after driving through the valley for awhile you will reach an area with trees plants and herbs with some wild animals and a waterfall. After that the valley crosses into Algeria. The valley of Aramet is a natural habitat for both the deer and waddan. The area is usually used by desert experts for setting up camp among the sand dunes in their way from Meghedet to Ghat and Acacus.  The camp is usually set close to Bir Armet a water well dug by the government for travellers and also for animals like camels and so is an important transit stop.